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Pet Dog Slow Feeder Bowl

Pet Dog Slow Feeder Bowl

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In the long run, Slow Food Bowls can reduce pets' overeating habits and solve their digestive tract diseases and appetite loss. Get ahead, and give your furry friend some love!

The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl can help your pet with slow eating, a healthy diet that avoids gulping, and prevent choking, vomiting, obesity, and indigestion. A fun-shaped slow feeder in a bowl brings the fun of a dog bowl into your dog's life. Even the fastest dog will be able to effectively slow down food. Our Pet Dog Slow Feeder Bowl is made of food-safe and high-strength PP material that is BPA, PVC & phthalate free, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

Easy the dog slow feeder bowl is very easy to use and clean. Just rinse it with water or put it in the dishwasher. It can withstand 100 degrees of high-temperature disinfection. With its slip base, the Dog Slow Food Bowl can be placed on the floor or on a mat. The bottom of the bowl is equipped with 6 small rubber anti-skid pads, which can effectively prevent the bowl from moving freely on the floor.


  • Reduced likelihood of bloating since the dog swallows less air as they eat.
  • Mental stimulation because the dog must think about how to get all the food out.
  • Less risk of choking since the dog has more time to chew and pays more attention to each bite.
  • A slow feeder bowl will keep your dog busy solving puzzles.
  • This can be especially nice if you have a high-energy dog since it encourages focus and concentration.
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