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Natural Cows Ears for Dogs Treats - 8-Pieces Hairy and Plain

Natural Cows Ears for Dogs Treats - 8-Pieces Hairy and Plain

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These Natural Dog Chews are a safe alternative to rawhide treats and come with the added benefit of being natural. Cow ears are highly digestible dog chews that are high in protein, low in fat, and gluten-free!

Cows Ears are a great long-lasting chew for any size dog that your dog will really enjoy. Packed with flavor and wonderfully nutritious. A Natural Cows Ears for Dogs Treats is a healthy, low-fat alternative to pig ears, they are low in odor and non-greasy, making a very special treat or snack. Because cow ears do not contain any added chemicals or preservatives. Your dog will love the crunchy texture of these natural treats and how long it takes them to chew them up.

It can be hard to find a snack that lasts long enough for your dog to enjoy, but cow ears will do just that! Your dog will also love the taste and smell of these healthy treats. They come from their natural ingredients and nothing else. Other benefits of Cows Ears for Dogs are that they contain healthy oils & fats, omega-3 fatty acids and they make an excellent chew toy to keep dogs busy.


  • 100% pure cow’s ear
  • Responsibly sourced from Europe
  • As with all chews, we recommend that you supervise your dog whilst they are eating.
  • Cow ears can also help your dog with improving his oral hygiene.
  • Chewing on cow ears helps to remove plaque from the teeth, and reduce the chances of developing periodontal disease.
  • Although it is fully digestible, if a large chunk is swallowed this could cause a choking hazard.


  • Analytic Composition: Crude protein 54.6%, crude fat 6.4%, moisture 6%, ash 1.8%
  • Feeding Guide: We would recommend only one per day as a treat depending on the size of your dog
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