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Dog Slow-Feeder Lick Mat

Dog Slow-Feeder Lick Mat

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Are Lick Mats Good for All Dogs?

Absolutely. With the range of benefits, a dog lick mat has, it is a positive addition to any dog’s life! However, keep in mind the contents you place on your Dog Slow-Feeder Lick Mat if they have any dietary requirements or health conditions. The benefits of dog lick mats include:

Alleviate Stress: 

  • If your dog gets overwhelmed, the Lick Mat can be a positive distraction. Generally, slow feeders (which lick mats are) help soothe and reduce anxiety as your dog is distracted, their focus is redirected onto something more pleasant. When a dog licks, it soothes and calms your dog, releasing endorphins, which create a sense of safety.

Mental Stimulation:

  • Regular and concise exercise is the key to a dog’s heart. As well as physical exercise, dogs often need mental stimulation, which can come in different forms, such as agility, solving puzzles, playing, chasing, smelling, chewing, and scavenging. The Dog Lick Mat is a great way to satisfy that mental stimulation, which ultimately will reduce their boredom.

Oral Health:

  • Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is important. Dental/gum disease is incredibly common in dogs and can be incredibly uncomfortable for them. Where possible, oral hygiene should be introduced. Slow-Feeder Lick Mats are great for your dog's mental health because the surface helps to scrape off any plaque on their teeth and gums.


  • There are many reasons why a lick mat is helpful for a dog.
  • Alleviate stress and provide mental stimulation for dogs.
  • Exercise is limited or physical exercise doesn't always tire them out.
  • Encourage healthy teeth and gums and reinforce them.
  • Activities like grooming, bath time, and nail trimming.
  • Will soothe anxieties and channel energy in all dogs ages.
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