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Dog Microfibre Fabric Dry Towel Coat

Dog Microfibre Fabric Dry Towel Coat

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The Microfibre Dog Dryer is perfect for bathing, at the beach, in the park, in the car, on walks, or anywhere you need to dry your wet dog. It's not just a bath towel, it's the perfect on-the-go drying option for you and your pet.

We know you want to treat your four-legged friend to the very best, which is why we've used premium-grade materials and only the best microfibre material tested 'in the field' to ensure the Dog Microfibre Fabric Dry Towel Coat offers maximum absorption and dirt removal whilst still keeping your pet warm and comfortable. It's also machine washable and long-lasting. Very textured and comfortable for your dog's skin and can be used as pet pajamas to protect your pet from the cold.

The inner layer draws moisture from the dog’s coat & the outer layer draws this away leaving your pooch warm & fresh, as well as preventing chills during winter. Also, perfect as a dog bathrobe/dressing gown after a shower. In no time at all, your pet will be warm and dry whilst all the mud and wetness is absorbed by the bag. This is rather than getting all over your floor or car seats. The Pet Bathrobe Red Towel can be dried and machine washed. Wash before first use to avoid color transfer. Take care of deep colors separately.


  • Perfect for cold winter mornings.
  • Keep your pet warm and cozy and avoid sickness.
  • The dog bathrobe is made of microfiber fabric, textured, and comfortable.
  • The chest and neck are adjustable, they cover your dog’s body very well.
  • This dog towel is suitable for bathing, swimming, traveling, walking in the rain, and playing on the beach.
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