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Large Dog Interactive Snuffle Ball Toy

Large Dog Interactive Snuffle Ball Toy

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The Snuffle Dog Ball is a versatile and interactive pet toy designed to engage your furry friends in a world of fun and excitement!

This Dogs Interactive Snuffle Ball Toy has been adapted from an ordinary sniffing mat. Keeping your Dog buddy mentally healthy is easy with this exciting puzzle game. It's suitable for most puppies and medium-sized dogs as interactive games to solve dog boredom. The Dog Ball Toy allows the dog to actively move and concentrate on finding snacks by rolling and extending feeding time. The rainbow-colored dog snuffle ball is made of soft and durable polar fleece, which is very suitable for rubbing on the floor and is not easy to tear.

Soft cloth Dog Toys can prevent red noses or facial friction. Machine washable, no deformation after washing. Hide treats and kibble inside, so your pet plays with the ball actively as it hunts for special treats. This is instead of handing out a tasty meal in a bowl or a mat. This upgraded fabric is durable and not easily torn. Designed with polar fleece material, the Dog Snuffle Ball Toy protects your puppy from red nose irritation and facial skin irritation. It is machine washable and won't deform after washing.


  • Keep your dog motivated to stop boredom.
  • Handmade sniffing ball, sturdy, durable, and easy to use.
  • High-quality felt material, environmentally friendly, soft, and skin-friendly.
  • Hide the dog food inside and let your dog find it, satisfying the dog's search nature.
  • Interactive toys are suitable for mental stimulation, stress reduction, and occupying your pet.


  • Keeping your dog entertained and mentally stimulated is just as critical as keeping them physically healthy. Your dog’s playtime helps them let out their extra energy, relieves stress, and provides significant enrichment.
  • Dog owners should purchase a snuffle mat. Snuffle mats provide fun and excitement for dogs of all ages and breeds, and they’re incredibly easy to use. Read on to learn more about snuffle mats for your pooch.
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