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Dog Car Headrest Seat Belt

Dog Car Headrest Seat Belt

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Your dog needs a seat belt or is otherwise restrained during car rides. If your dog is not properly restrained, the potential for injury, both to themselves and others in the car, is high. Car Headrest Seat Belt that keeps your dog safe!

The Dog Car Headrest Seat Belt is the perfect solution for keeping both you and your pup safe while driving. Take the stress out of traveling knowing your dog is safely secured and still has enough room to move. Our Dog Seat Belt is universal and fits over any vehicle’s headrest. To take your dog anywhere, you can easily switch between cars. For your pets’ safety, please do not use a standard collar! Safety regulations recommend using an approved vehicle harness.

The Pet Adjustable Safety Seat Belt fits all dogs both large and small. The length adjusts between 47 cm and 75 cm allowing you to choose a comfortable and safe length for your dog. We think your pup should enjoy all the safety you provide while riding in your car. So, we designed our dog seat belt with a reinforced tactical buckle and all-metal hardware. The strap is 1” wide woven nylon - just like a normal human seatbelt!


  • A dog seat belt is specially designed for your four-legged friend.
  • Attaches to their collar or harness just like a lead would.
  • Our own car seat belt for dogs is functional and high-quality at an affordable price.
  • Each dog seat belt in our collection can be adjusted to suit your dog's size.
  • For dog safety, a vest harness is suggested to connect to the seatbelt instead of collars.
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