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Beef Abosomum Dog Treat Sticks | 100% Natural Beef Dog Treat | Healthy Dog Chews | Suitable for all Dogs | Dog Gift | Gluten Free | 150g

Beef Abosomum Dog Treat Sticks | 100% Natural Beef Dog Treat | Healthy Dog Chews | Suitable for all Dogs | Dog Gift | Gluten Free | 150g

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Looking for a healthy dog treat? Try our Beef Abosomum Dog Treats—natural, nutritious, and perfect for all dogs.

🐕 Make your furry friend happy with our Beef Abosomum Treats! Natural, high-protein, and rich in essential nutrients. Ideal for small dogs, birthdays, or just as a wholesome snack. With no additives, these milky sticks are an irresistible delight, promoting dental health and overall well-being. Treat your dog to the goodness of pure, air-dried cow udders, and make every moment a tail-wagging delight!

💥 Indulge your furry friend with our 100% Natural Beef Dog Treat:

🐾 Pure and Natural: Our Beef Abosomum Dog Treats are made from 100% natural cow stomach, and air-dried to preserve their goodness. No additives or artificial ingredients, ensuring a pure and wholesome treat for your furry friend.
🐾 Nutrient-Rich Goodness: Packed with essential nutrients such as selenium, vitamin B12, zinc, and iron, these milky sticks contribute to your dog's overall health. The high protein content and complete amino acid profile make them a nutritious addition to your dog's diet.
🐾 Dental Health Benefits: Beyond being a tasty snack, these treats promote dental health. Chewing on our these dog treat sticks helps reduce plaque and tartar, keeping your dog's teeth clean and healthy.
🐾 Perfect for all Dogs: Tailored for all dogs, each pack contains 150g of treats, ensuring a satisfying chewing experience without overwhelming your pet.
🐾 Gluten-Free and Easy to Digest: Gluten-free and easily digestible, these treats are suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Whether used as a reward, a dog birthday gift, or a daily snack, our natural dog treats prioritize your dog's well-being and enjoyment.

100% Natural
High protein
No additives
No preservatives
Grain & gluten-free
Perfect for a snack or training treat at any time of the day
Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 76.6%, Crude Fat 4.9%, Moisture 12.3%, Crude Ash 2.2%, Crude Fibre 4.0%

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