Benefits of Natural Dog Treats for Dogs

Benefits of Natural Dog Treats for Dogs

Benefits Of Natural Dog Treats For Dogs

Dr. Abdul Basit Javed (DVM, RVMP)

The trend of offering natural dog treats to pooches is on the rise and more and more dog parents are getting into it because of the numerous benefits. Many experts, pet nutritionists, and veterinarians support feeding natural treats to dogs.


In general, natural dog treats are great for the overall health of your dog. Natural dog treats are not only a good source of nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, etc they also help improve the immunity, cardiac health, dental health, and much more of your furry friend. Natural dog treats are produced by processes that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.


If you are a dog parent interested in learning about the benefits of organic and natural dog treats, you have come to the right spot. Read on for a list of benefits of natural dog treats for dogs put together by a small animal veterinarian.


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Benefits of Natural Treats For Dogs

Following is a list of benefits of why you should offer natural dog treats to your dog:

1. Source of organic protein

Unlike commercial dog treats, natural dog treats are a source of organic protein for your dog. Natural dog treats are air-dried which helps to retain protein content while also preventing protein structure breakdown, allowing your dog to reap the maximum benefits.


Protein is needed by the dog for muscle growth, proper metabolism, tissue repair, maintaining the proper consistency of bodily fluids, and much more.


High-quality animal-based protein is preferable to plant-based protein for dogs because it poses no health risks. Natural dog treats are suitable for dogs of all ages, the earlier you start offering these treats, the easier it will be for the dog to get used to them.

2. Source of vitamins and minerals

Natural dog treats provide trace levels of vitamins and minerals to canines in addition to high-quality protein. So, when your dog munches on natural dog treat, it is receiving huge benefits in the form of different nutrients that will help enhance its overall health. The dog's body requires vitamins and minerals for proper bone growth, dental health, vision, nervous functioning, and other vital functions.

3. Better taste

Dogs like the taste of natural dog treats since eating animal-based protein and organic meat products are in their DNA. Many dogs who are picky eaters and would not consume conventional dog treats will happily wrap their tongues around natural dog treats, begging you for more.


Real meat flavor will tempt your dog's taste buds so much that you will be able to train your dog with ease using these natural dog treats.

4. Easy to digest

The digestive system of a dog is intended to process natural and organic foods such as natural dog treats. Because these natural dog treats are made of real protein, they are easy to digest and do not cause digestive issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, and so on. Commercial dog treats, on the other hand, are hard and difficult to digest and can even cause abdominal cramps in some dogs.

5. Promote immunity

Natural dog treats offer vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that help your dog's immunity. Dogs that are regularly fed natural dog treats have stronger immunity and are less likely to suffer from illnesses such as skin infections, tooth infections, and other diseases. Therefore, if your dog suffers from recurrent infections and diseases and is weak offering natural dog treats might help.

6. Improves cardiac function

Heart problems are more common in dogs than you might assume. However, a nutritious and balanced diet that includes natural dog treats rather than supermarket dog treats is a good strategy to prevent cardiac problems in dogs. Natural dog treats such as liver, rabbit ears, and others are low in cholesterol and hence beneficial to dogs' heart health. Dogs who consume a well-balanced, natural diet are less likely to develop heart problems.

7. Improve dental health

One of the major benefits of natural dog treats for dogs is that they improve dental health. Natural dog treats not only provide nutrients to the dog's body that boost dental health, but they also aid in physically cleaning teeth.


Dog treats like rabbit ears, pig ears, beef trachea, etc contain cartilage and have a textured surface which helps to scrape off dental plaque and dental tartar in dogs overall improving their dental health.


Dogs fed all-natural dog treats have good oral health and rarely experience halitosis (bad breath).

8. Act as a natural dewormer

Natural dog treats have a firm consistency because most of them are air-dried, but they are suitable for your dog to eat and chew on. This firm consistency however aids in parasite elimination from the body. Dogs who are regularly given natural dog treats have a lower risk of contracting intestinal parasites.

9. Enhance skin and coat health

Natural dog treats may be the ideal solution if your dog has a poor and rough coat and suffers from recurrent skin issues. Natural dog treats are high in nutrients that help promote skin health and keep your dog's hair smooth and shiny. Because natural dog treats enhance canine immunity, there is less likelihood that your dog will acquire a skin infection.

10. Reduced Allergies

Dogs are susceptible to a number of allergies, the majority of which are triggered by artificial ingredients in the dog's diet. Because there is no rawhide or artificial components in our all-natural dog treats, there are no artificial flavors, preservatives, artificial colors, or chemicals, and everything is completely organic, making the natural dog treats hypoallergenic for your dog's stomach.


You should not be concerned if your dog develops an allergy to any of the natural dog treats. You can select from a wide variety of natural dog treats, so if your dog is sensitive to one, it may not be allergic to another. For instance, if your dog is allergic to rabbit ears you can go for pig ears, beef trachea, or cow hoofs.

11. Air dried

The majority of natural dog treats are air-dried, which helps to retain protein and other nutrients. Air drying also firms up the consistency of the dog treat, which dogs enjoy so they can chew on it easily. Air drying does not denature the natural protein structure of the dog treats, allowing your dog to reap the most benefits. Air drying also helps the natural dog treat preserve its natural flavor, which dogs enjoy, and is also an environmentally friendly procedure.

12. Environment friendly

All of the natural dog treats are made using environmentally friendly and entirely sustainable ways. So natural dog treats are not only good for your dog, but they are also good for the environment. Unlike supermarket dog treats, which are mass-produced in unhygienic conditions and without regard for the environment, natural dog treats are simply air-dried and not mass-produced.

13. Free from chemicals and hormones

Our natural dog treats contain no rawhide or artificial meat products. Natural dog treats are free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial coloring, and meat substitutes. They are absolutely safe for your dog and are suitable for dogs of all ages, including puppies and older pets.

14. Contain no sugar

Many store dog treats contain artificial sweeteners and sugar, however, natural dog treats do not contain such harmful ingredients. Natural dog treats, such as pig ears, rabbit ears, and cow hoofs, contain no sugar and are thus perfectly safe for your dog.


Our all-natural dog treats are safe for dogs that are overweight or are suffering from diabetes to consume because they contain no sugar or sweeteners. Sugar in any form is unhealthy for dogs, so it is best to avoid any dog treat that contains sugar because it can contribute to obesity and diabetes in dogs.

15. Contains little fat

Natural dog treats are manufactured from non-fatty animal body parts that are lean and have little to no fat such as ears, trachea, and hoofs. Because they are low in fat, they are an excellent alternative for dogs who are overweight or obese. Natural dog treats are also a good choice for dogs with cardiac issues because they contain less fat and cholesterol.

16. Value for money

Natural dog treats are not only better for your dog, but they are also less expensive than some store-bought dog treats. Furthermore, they not only provide pleasure to your dog but also offer health benefits, making them value-for-money products. Because if your dog's health remains in good health you don’t have to worry about hefty vet bills.


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